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I really do not see what the big deal is about white balance unless colour accuracy is important. Photographs are a work of art and the colour balance a matter of artistic choice. It is easy to adjust in camera raw if it not to your liking. The daylight WB just makes sense except prehaps in a very unusual circumstance sucgh as candle light where the orange cast is just too extreme.


"our preference for using a Daylight or Sunlight white balance throughout the day - from dawn to dusk", I LIKE THIS POINT

Usman Bajwa

Thanks for sharing this useful information. I always get a yellowish hue whenever I shoot under the sodium lights, have tried every type of White Balance and also in post-processing in RAW, but the natural colors are every hard to retrieve. Is there a remedy for this? What do you do in such circumstances?

Usman Bajwa

Kerry Drager

Hi Usman,
Thanks for the note - good hearing from you!

Yes, things can get challenging at times. This is especially true when there is more than one light source. Perhaps sodium lights are the predominant source (with a certain color), and there's another artificial lighting going on (different color) ... or even some natural light filtering in? If so, it's pretty much up to the photographer to use their own judgment for getting the colors to look "right". Thus, two photographers shooting the identical scene will likely come up with slightly different color interpretations.

Still, the camera’s custom or preset manual white balance setting may work. Basically, you will take a photo of a neutral tone with a white or gray card or a special WB tool, such as a translucent disc that temporarily fits over the lens. The camera then creates a custom WB that you may use for that specific lighting situation.

Hope this helps Usman!



Really like the blog, appreciate the share!

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