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Maxine Schnitzer

"Reflections" was the monthly assignment for MM. Kerry instructed that the reflection should be a primary or secondary focus of the image. Most folks were submitting absolutely gorgeous images of water reflections. I knew I couldn't come up with any water reflection nearly as beautiful so I racked my brain to come up with something a little different.I thought about reflective surfaces, something shiny and silvery! So I grabbed the spoon, a cup and a placemat and headed for my back yard hoping to catch some clouds in my spoon. I picked a few flowers from one of my pots and began shooting (using my tripod, of course). I was pleasantly surprised when I uploaded the images and also saw a reflection in the side of the cup! Although the reflection is a small part of the overall composition, I do think it is the primary focus.

Thanks so much to Team BetterPhoto for highlighting my photo on the blog! I'm extremely flattered.

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